Along the sea front, to the end of the Loire estuary, or a circuit of the marshes : 10 visits, unsuspected and amazing offered to you. Over 10 years of experience at your service, a guided tour of quality and especially passionate. Tours are proposed "a la carte", you choose depending of your demand according to : time constraints, needs, desire and mobility of the participants. Tours in English upon demand. Bon voyage !

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La Baule and the Love Coast

La BauleBorn from the arrival of the railroad, from Pornichet to Pouliguen, the Bauloise riviera unfolds it's long ribbon of blonde sand over many kilometers.

The history of a bay once desinherited has become today the most beautiful in Europe.

La BauleThe villas : the ladies of the coast, elegantes, imposing or surprising with incomparable charm, will delight architectural amateurs. At la Baule, all an epoch presents itself proudly in the pines, with an eternal elegance.

Everywhere on the coast, the sails dance and learn to exist with the capricious forces of the elements.

In this refined arc of a circle, live every moment to infinity !

Le Croisic

La BauleBorn from the salt commerce in the 15 th century, the number one french port for the catching of pink shrimp, wich was also one of the first tourist destination for sea attractions in the early 1900's, welcome you between land and ocean.

Through it's granite streets, savor the typical houses construction, and the iodine air, that was much appreciated by Alfred de Musset himself.

La BauleOn leaving the effervescent port, discover the ocean in all her states, the wild coast furiously beautiful, and sculpted by the winds, the granite rocks recovered with moor, sheltered secret coves and small winding paths .

You absolutely must see this !


La BauleBetween land, salt and ocean, meander on foot to the merquel point. This long finger of dunes that extends into a rocky jetty offers you one of the most beautiful panorama of the region.

Your nose in the ocean spray, forget the rest of the world, the city is far, the stress too....

The mussel cultivation will no longer be a secret to you.

La BauleMeet a "sea farmer", and appreciate a private testing from our oyster beds : the flowers of the traict.

But keep your eyes open, because here passes the sacred Ibis, elegant Avocets, or wild gooses returning from Siberia.

Don't miss this !


La BauleIn the begining, a rocky point for navigators and from land it looks like the end of the earth, this city was built twice in one century, has become the birth place of the most beautiful liners : a soul engraved in steel.

You will meet very close in the port, what was called by Jules Verne :"the floating cities".

La BauleLet yourself be told the tales of historic wars and the exciting life aboard a cruise ship.

On the bridge, the view is spectacular and the Loire becomes it's diva.

In panavision, you are offered the immeasurable work of the shipyards and aeronautic industry.

You are in the best place for a concentration of industrial excellence !

La Turballe

La BauleIt's here, offshore, in 56 bc, that Brutus put an end to the gallic maritime power.

Nowadays, 80 trawlers and 300 fishermen compose the number one atlantic port for anchovies and sardines.

La BauleLearn all about the difficult work of the sea fishermen, by visiting the museum, the ice-house and the "anti-storm" door unique in France.

Assist with this magical spectacle, noisy and colorful, wich is the return of the catch, escorted by a myriad of sea-gulls.

A strange mixture of nature and industry !


La BauleThis city of art and history, beloved of the dukes of Britany, is situated between the black country and the white country.

The centenary ramparts encircle that wich Honoré de Balzac and Emile Zola considered as a feudal jewelry.

La BauleInside the walls, appreciate the joyous patrimony of the peninsula: the Saint-Aubin collegiate church, or meander through cobblestone alleys and penetrate your soul with Gallic-Romans and other powerful lords.

This medieval city, more than a thousand years old, shines behind it's fortifications !

Kerhinet and the Brière marshes

La BauleA protected area, the regional natural park of Brière, consists of a mosaic of prairies and canals.This vast secret marsh of 7000 hectares is a fabulous reserve of wild life.

In this labyrinth of waters and islands, between legends and mysteries, embark aboard a local wooden boat and admire the remarkable cultural patrimony.

La BauleAt Kerhinet, you will find a peaceful atmosphere and authenticity of the village of long ago.Here, the reeds cover the thatched roofs, and cars are prohibited.

Breathe deeply, you are the welcomed ones to the black peat country !

The salt marshes

La BauleA brilliant mosaic of basins formed by more than one thousand years of work, the salt marshes of the Mès and of the Guerande peninsula hold back and master the ocean waters.

The salt illuminates with sparkling crystals, an impeccable geometry of this gigantic garden.

Sedentary or "en route ", the birds reflect their silhouettes on these versatile mirrors.

La BauleCome speak with a salt-maker who is constantly bent over, harvesting with an ancestral gesture, the white gold of the gourmets : the flower of the salt, daughter of the wind, the sun and the tides.

A treasure !


La BauleAn atmosphere of Armorique floats in this city with character of 4000 years of history and legends...

Let yourself be seduced with it's colorful port, it's alleys full of charm, and it's flowered market place, as others did before you : Zola, Daudet and Flaubert.

La BauleOffshore : Dumet island, the only maritime island of the Loire-Atlantic, where since twenty years, the last two habitants gave their right of residence to the seagulls and other winged cousins.

Thus, you won't forget this seaside town wich offers you numerous possibilities of promenades.

A marvel of well-being !

La Roche Bernard

La BauleThe Ocean has always fascinated man, from it comes grand discoveries and legends.

The creation of this charming city of Celtic character built in the 10th century by the Vikings, guided by the lord Ben-Hart, settled on a promontary rock easily defendable.

La BauleAdmire from high, very high from a bridge, the vilaine priviledged river of the Dukes of Britany that waters five french departments.

A few places nearby, the Arzal dam and it's famous "fish ladder "where how hydro-technology and ecology exist together.

The soft mastering of water !


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